Beach Rules

Please observe the following rules to ensure a pleasurable time for all members using the beach:

  1. Do not feed the geese or other water fowl.
  2. No pets on the beach.
  3. No glass on the beach.
  4. No smoking on the beach.
  5. Use of the beach, beach facilities, and water is at your own risk. Water shoes are recommended.
  6. Only dues-paying members may use the beach. Guests of dues-paying members must accompany members and must be checked in with the caretaker.
  7. All minors must be accompanied and supervised by an adult, especially after hours.
  8. No fires outside of the grill area without a board member present. Bonfires in the fire pit area require approval by a board member.All minors at any campfire must be accompanied by their parent.
  9. No diving from or roughhousing on the raft or docks.
  10. No boats allowed in roped-off swimming area.
  11.   No fishing from any portion of beach, grass or raft dock. Members and guests may fish from land owned by Mamanasco Beach Club (Eight Lakes Community Association) along Mamanasco Road from the south end of the beach parking lot to the clearing across from Ninth Lane. Members and guests may also fish at Hidden lake (a.k.a.Turtle Pond) on Old Sib Road.
  12.  Parties of more than 15 individuals (including immediate family members) must be approved by the board.
  13.  No classes or instruction (e.g., swimming lessons) may be held at the beach without board approval.
  14.  Members and their guests are responsible for removal of all waste and garbage from their visit/gathering (this includes all beverage containers or cigarette waste) repeated violators may have their membership revoked.
  15.  Be courteous toward others and respect their peaceable use of the beach. Anyone causing a disturbance may be asked to leave.
  16.   All violations are subject to review and adjudication by the board.