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Members have may keep boats, canoes, kayaks, or any other non-gas powered watercraft on association property. All boats on the association property must have MBC decal stickers on them by June 30 of each year. After that date, boats owned by people who are not current members and boats without MBC decal stickers on them may be removed. Our insurance company insists that all boats be locked.  

If you wish to keep a boat on Association property, your membership application should identify the type and color of your boat, its location on the beach grounds, and its prior sticker number (if any) and be accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope. Boat owners must apply the MBC decal stickers to the outside of their boats in a visible place.

By putting your watercraft on association property, you agree that the association is not responsible for damage to, theft of, or injury from, any watercraft on its property.

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Joining is simple. Just use the pull down menu below and select the number of boats you are registering.

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